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Hello friends! I’m doing a weekly improv show in Spanish on Thursdays at 9:15pm EST with guest improvisers from all over the world. Are you a Spanish speaking improviser? Send me a DM and let’s get you on the show! Thank you! ¡Hola amigos! Estoy haciendo un show semanal de improvisación en español los jueves a las 9:15 pm EST con improvisadores invitados de todo el mundo. ¿Quieres jugar con nosotros? ¡Envíame un Inbox! Gracias! Will Luera https://ift.tt/1ihBTd9

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I like to be as productive as possible. My day, I work freelance as a Project Manager in the Boston area and at night I work with a variety of different theaters in the Boston area. My main passion is being the Artistic Director of ImprovBoston (www.improvboston.com) but I also work with other local theaters including the ImprovAsylum, The Tribe Theater, Another Country Productions, and the Alarm Clock Theater Company. When I have a few hours off, I try to fill them up with extra curricular activities like recreational basketball, softball, and football.

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